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Any child that I have taught under the age of about 14 will know exactly who I’m talking about.

Lin Marsh is a composer known mostly for her vocal music for children. She writes beautiful, sad, scary, funny and informative songs which never fail to appeal to both singer and listener alike. Her melodic lines are beautiful and perfect for the developing voice.

Her series of songs for school use in Key Stage 1 to 3 are in a set of books called Songscape. They are perfect for classroom use, choirs and solo performances. The subject matters are also great for cross curricular activities like science and history. I have used them on many occasion on the most stubborn year 6 boy and they have always been a success. I’ve also used them for assemblies and whole school singing sessions. The books come with CD accompaniment which is perfect for keeping your eyes on the class instead of at the piano! When I asked a primary class that I was teaching to name three famous composers, they said Mozart, Beethoven and Lin Marsh. High praise indeed!

Serendipity Solos is another book full of gems such as Winter and Butterfly. They incorporate technical challenges and encourage an even tone from the top to the bottom of the voice.

I am so pleased that some of her songs have been included in the ABRSM singing syllabus and they are now starting to crop up in music festivals too. They make such a refreshing change from the usual graded songs for children that one hears time and time again like ‘Little Spanish Town’ by Jenkyns!

These are the best Marsh pieces that are around…

  • Seagull
  • Winter
  • Butterfly
  • Pirates
  • Silver Moon
  • River Journey

I urge you to give them a go.